World class Gordon Fordyce, All of us Armed forces; Captain Grams

World class Gordon Fordyce, All of us Armed forces; Captain Grams

Left so you can correct, T/Sgt

David Pierce-Jones 00080-Package 6-Document ten-67 Guy 00080-Box six-File ten-68 Winner Engdahl, Summerfallow tillage 00080-Package six-Document 10-69 Nick Knoll out of Menoken thinking about stubble mulch 00080-Field six-File 10-70 Herman Graf along with his fruits trees exhibiting grafting he complete out of a speech the 2009 spring season 00080-Box six-File ten-71 Rod Like and you may inventory h2o pool laden up with rainbow trout 00080-Field six-File 10-72 Michael Weston, The united kingdomt, a guest of one’s Matt Tokach farm. Renato Bruno, Italy, Knob Berquist, Ben Meyer 00080-Container six-Document ten-74 Worldwide Ranch Young people Replace in conjunction with 4-H first step toward Washington, DC – Six children in the us now.

Renato Bruno, Italy, Penis Berquist, Ben Meyer 00080-Container 6-Document ten-75 Don Garcia, Higher Flatlands Wheat Panel, Panama Area; Jaime Londono, Bogota; Carlos Espindola, Quito, George David, Santiago, Alfredo Mastrokals, Lima, Paul Abrahamson, Bismarck 00080-Package 6-File 10-76 Boy and you may girl at the side of cereals vehicle dumping grain 00080-Container 6-Document 10-77 Mrs. An excellent. Porterfield, USN; Gunnery Sgt. Costs Ledger, You Marine Corps; Biggest Fred Woeller, Regional Recruiting Manager, Minneapolis 00080-Container 6-Document 10-98 Bismarck High school Addition, Forrest Herman, Leo Leingang, and Ruben Otto plastering within the stairway 00080-Field 6-File ten-99 Bismarck lighting at night 00080-Field 6-File 10-100 Crazy hog 00080-Package six-Document ten-101 Vehicles 00080-Package 6-Document 10-102 Mrs. Philip Stangvik, 21, are pictured with each other their own partner proceed this link here now, Philip twenty five, due to their matrimony portrait.

Bismarck Tribune Range – August 1963 00080-Box 6-Document 11-01 Navy Research Cruisers observe the refueling of your earth’s minuscule nuclear bomber, the Douglas A4D on the hangar patio of one’s USS Yorktown (CVS-10) in their cruise from the Southern California shore Saturday, July 29, 1963. Loren K. Christenson 00080-Box 6-File 11-03 Mr. Wallace Christianson 00080-Package six-File 11-04 Mr. George Daniels 00080-Package six-File eleven-05 Mr. James Fairfield 00080-Container 6-Document eleven-06 Mr. Jerry Goetz 00080-Container six-Document 11-07 Mr. Arthur Kirschmann 00080-Package six-File 11-08 Mr. Gary Morrison 00080-Package 6-Document 11-09 Mr. James Newman 00080-Package 6-File eleven-10 Mr. Gerald Paulson 00080-Field six-Document 11-11 Mr. Alvin Schaff 00080-Container 6-Document eleven-twelve Mr. James Schauer 00080-Box six-Document 11-thirteen Mr. Christ Schoon 00080-Container six-File 11-14 Mr. George Sullivan 00080-Container six-File eleven-15 Mr. Ronald Grams.

Troop 00080-Box 6-File eleven-16 Mr. James F. Volk 00080-Container 6-File eleven-17 Street indication “Beach 8, Bismarck 171” 00080-Package 6-Document eleven-18 About three dudes 00080-Field six-Document eleven-19 People and you may lady deciding on sculpture 00080-Field 6-File eleven-20 Agnes Scratching becomes degree out of Dean 00080-Field 6-File eleven-21 One or two dudes 00080-Container 6-File eleven-twenty two Guy 00080-Container six-File 11-23 Men from the conference 00080-Field six-File 11-24 Group 00080-Package six-File eleven-twenty five John G. Schmidt, Solen, Robert Better, Elgin, An effective. J. Sondag, Elgin, Pete Deichert, Flasher 00080-Package 6-Document 11-twenty six The Northern Dakota Travelling Connection officials picked at the Dickinson Tuesday is actually Bill Brouse, Fargo, Treasurer; Marshall R. Sandison, Bismarck, President; AL Jundt, Minot, Vice president; and you may Del Skjod, Mandan, Assistant 00080-Box six-Document eleven-27 Roentgen. B. Sanders, Manager Vp, Mercury; Clinton L. Sanders, Chairman, American Trucking Association; L.

A transfer out-of farm youngsters – Talking-to Pole Love 00080-Container six-File 10-73 Around the world Farm Young people Change alongside cuatro-H first step toward Arizona, DC – Half dozen people in america now

Age. Henriksen, Customer care Director, Mercury 00080-Container 6-File eleven-28 Duncan Warren, Ground Preservation, Mandan; Ed Weirner, Agronomist, SCS Biss, Farm & Farm Believed Department SCS Washington (DC); Dr. E.J. Robert Fowler away from Bismarck, A1C Paul Buzalsky regarding Dickinson, M/Sgt.

Bismarck Tribune Collection – September 1963 00080-Field 6-Document a dozen-01 Mrs. V.C. Bryans, Carpio, County Registrar; Mrs. D.W. Lindgrew, Mandan, County Chaplain; Mrs. John Modisett, Dickinson, Regent Dickinson Chapter; Mrs. Frank Hallowell, Dickinson 00080-Field six-File twelve-02 Miss Ella Schroeder, Bismarck, Membership Dining table; Mrs. W.R. Haggart, Fargo; Mrs. George Howe, Fargo; Mrs. Russell Mud, Fargo 00080-Package six-File 12-03 Mrs. Robert Dunean, Arizona (DC), President General; Mrs. Eugene Tuskind, Bismarck, State Regent; Mrs. F. Lloyd Younger, Austin, Minnesota, Vp General 00080-Field 6-Document a dozen-04 Kathleen Essington, Bismarck, Vp, Med. Carriers Club; Georgeen Estes, Minot; Mary Ann Carlson, Bismarck; Linda Landeis, Mandan – position at the side of fake renal 00080-Container 6-Document 12-05 Mrs. Robert Grosz, Turtle River; Mrs. Thomas Bol, Turtle Lake, Mrs. Herbert Ketchum, Linton; Bonnie Ketchum, Linton 00080-Box six-Document 12-06 Two feminine 00080-Package six-File twelve-07 Rev.

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